Monday, July 11, 2011

Marriage Registration Procedure

In India, in order to register your marriage, do this:
  • Get the following (with photocopies)
    • identity proof (for both husband and wife)
    • age proof (for both husband and wife)
    • address proof (for both husband and wife)
      • only one of these needs to be within the jurisdiction of the registrar office you are going to.
    • marriage proof (photograph of the ceremony, or the wedding invitation)
    • Three witnesses
      • Any 3 witnesses will do, but there should be at least one from the husband's side, and one from the wife's side.
      • They should come with their photo ID.
    • 5 Photos
      • Should be a joint photo of husband and wife.
      • B5 size (double of passport size) 
  • Find out the location of the Sub-registrar office in the area of your residence (there might be problems of jurisdiction; call and confirm if that office is the right one).
  • Call them and confirm that the list above is correct and sufficient.
  • Find out when the office opens, and go there early (usually 10 to 10.30 am).
  • You will have to spend some time filling forms. (They are also available online. You could print them out, fill them at home, and take them there. But the rules/forms might have changed in the meantime. So, don't expect that things will go smoothly.)
  • Submit all forms and documents; wait while they make the marriage certificate.
  • They will ask for "Charges/Fees", but may not give the receipt; be careful about that. You could ask beforehand if they are going to give you a receipt for the whole amount that they quote as "charges".

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