Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some things I learnt about paper writing

Start writing sections with Experiments, work backwards till intro, then write conclusion, and then abstract and title.

- make it crisp!
- Abstract, Contributions, Conclusion.
  • State the exact work done in these sections. All three must be in sync.
  • Contributions: only what we have done, what is new (not how good it is); at the end, add a paragraph about paper organization.
- Experiments
  • First describe data, then the method, then the results.
- Highlighting
  • give names for systems you have built
  • make sure you highlight the good stuff (in boxes, by putting them in headings, etc.)
  • section headings should be informative; reader shoud be able to flip thru the paper and zero in on the crux of the paper
- Checks
  • double check notation - should be introduced properly, be simple, and consistent
  • Diagrams should stand on their own (reader should not have to go through the text to understand
  • give the right keywords and categories (will determine who will review the paper)
  • for categories, refer to ACM’S COMPUTING CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM
- Others
  • inline equations to save space
  • take the reader smoothly thru the paper; she should never get confused.
  • the first page is very important

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